High Intensity Interval Training Sessions, or HITT for short,can last anywhere between 4 – 30 minutes and focuses on alternating
periods of short, intense anaerobic exercise with less intensive recovery periods. These workouts provide improved athletic capacity, better conditioning and  MORE EFFICIENT FAT BURNING.There is no specific formula to HIIT.  A typical example would be 30 – 40 seconds of hard sprinting followed by 15 -20 seconds of jogging or walking. HIIT Group Classes are available to members and non-members. Be sure to sign-up in advance because classes are limited on size to allow for more personal attention from your coach. See the club's online schedule for the most recent class times and offerings. Contact the club for availability and or sign-up online by visiting our website schedule.
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Every Saturday at EVO from 7am-10am we feature our GROUP TRAINING CLASSES which includes H.I.I.T ,TRX Group Training.  HIIT and TRX Group Training is a 10 person per class 45 minute nonstop circuit that will target every muscle group.  The combination of functional, strength and cardio exercises repeated FIVE to SIX times with little or no rest between sets focusing on core, balance, and strength training  to help you burn, burn, burn calories. These classes are for the members and nonmembers. Its simple, just book your spot and show up. The experience is great and the environment  and people are awesome! 
Online scheduling