2- WEEK TRIAL
  • Program Design 
  •  4 Small Personal Training Sessions
  • One 30  Min Massage

At the end of your experience, if EVO is not the club for you, simply walk away without any further obligation. Many people who come through our doors have already made up their mind to join the club through referral or by our reputation in the community, but for those who have yet to decide, trying before you commit is the best way to get started.

I moved to Birmingham and learned about EVO from a cousin. After much discussion and doubt I signed up for the EVO 30  in April 2015. I walked in the door self-conscience and stubborn. My first question was ‘can you really help me lose weight because no one else has been able to’.

The first 30 days were really hard but very important in helping me realize what I could not do and what I wanted to do. I had never worked with TRX equipment or done interval training to that extent which scared me a little. The small group made it easier for me to relax and admit my weaknesses; which allowed the Fitness Coach to make recommendations that helped my progress. Also; I was encouraged by the successes and struggles the other ladies shared. I decided to stay with the program after the trial period ended. 

My weight fluctuated during the program and I was disappointed because I was hoping for instant results. Curtis encouraged me to stop focusing so much on the scale and encouraged me to challenge myself and to focus on my diet. Determined not to give up; I renewed my focus, worked through the sore moments and finally noticed that the addition of weights and intervals were giving me renewed energy and were sculpting my body. I started losing pounds and inches in areas where it has always been hard for me to lose. 

To date I have lost an additional 18 pounds with EVO and I have added strength and muscle. The belly fat is gone and I feel more energized. I am very happy that I was persistent and gave the program time to work because it has helped me realize what I am capable of achieving.